Tarryn Eleese McGregor

Tarryn’s work communicates the despondent attitudes exhibited by the individual, and the indifference held by society towards our history, environment, and future. Her banal images place the experience of life within an urban environment into a larger global context, by juxtaposing images of undesirable metropolitan simulacrum with somber, apocalyptic wastelands. Utilising crude techniques and highly textured surfaces to depict these scenes of degradation. These images are to be used to foster relationships between our environment, our history and our selves, as well as to force a sense of responsibility for the fetid miasma that has transpired as a consequence of anthropocentric neurosis.

The key basis to the production is simplicity, economy, and the time-consuming erasure and layering of graphite and is documented as transient moments in time. The sound's used to accompany her animations and beset the viewer in the temporal experience are created with the use of modular synthesizers and traditional instruments.